THE 11TH HOUR: ‘Lacrima Mortis’ Details Revealed

THE 11TH HOUR — the doom metal project led by Ed Warby (drums, guitar, bass, vocals, programming; GOREFEST, DEMIURG, HAIL OF BULLETS) — will release its second album, “Lacrima Mortis”, on January 27, 2012 via Napalm Records.

According to a press release, “the seven tracks on ‘Lacrima Mortis’ are a dark collection of stories revolving around death, sorrow, and painful loss. Warby stays true to his chosen path of somber themes cloaked in funeral garb. Heavy and monumental riffs unite with melancholic piano arrangements to create a strong hypnotic vibe. The lyrics use both personal experiences, as well as fictitious accounts, to weave a funerary wreath ornamentally laid atop the music.

Warby did not only compose all the tracks, but he also played all the instruments on this album. He took on the production and about half of the vocals, while Pim Blankenstein (OFFICIUM TRISTE) was responsible for the growls.

‘Lacrima Mortis’ provides a window to the dying soul. It is a confident and thorough doom album that reveals the morbid complexities inherent in the world of human emotion and thus, will appeal to more than just fans of the genre.”

“Lacrima Mortis” track listing:

01. We All Die Alone
02. Rain on Me
03. The Death of Life
04. Tears of the Bereaved
05. Reunion Illusion
06. Nothing but Pain
07. Bury Me

Commented Warby: “‘Lacrima Mortis’ is another glimpse into the darker side of my musical persona: a thick slab of epic doom metal dealing with the subject of death and its repercussions. I’ve worked on it feverishly for the past year and to my mind it surpasses 2009’s ‘Burden Of Grief’ in every way. I hope you’ll agree!”