3 INCHES OF BLOOD Preparing To Enter Studio

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada-based metallers 3 INCHES OF BLOOD are preparing to enter Vogville Studios and Profile Studios in the band’s hometown with engineer and producer Terry “Sho” Murray to begin recording their fifth full-length album for a 2012 release via Century Media Records.

Commented guitarist Shane Clark: “We’re in pre-production mode here in East Van and we’re writing our next blood-soaked metal masterpiece!! We are keeping true metal alive, so fuck trends brothers and sisters!! Stay metal!!! You will hear from us very soon!!”

Murray previously worked on 3 INCHES OF BLOOD‘s latest seven-inch single, “Anthems For The Victorious”, which came out this past spring.

In an interview with RockStarWeekly.com, Clark stated about 3 INCHES OF BLOOD‘s new material, “I think the vibe will be a little more aggressive than the last one. A little heavier. We don’t like repeating ourselves. We explored a lot of our more ’70s hard rock and metal influences on the last one. We’ll try stuff and see how it sounds, but it probably won’t have that overt element to it.”

Regarding the band’s forthcoming DVD, Shane said, “We’ve been working on this all year. It started when we did our last headlining show here at the Rickshaw [in Vancouver]. So we got footage from that show and a few other shows in town. We did a show with ALEXISONFIRE at the PNE Forum, we filmed a house party that we did in town, and we did a surprise show at the Astoria. It’s really going to be a bit more of a documentary, as well as performance. What we wanted to do was have footage from different types of shows. It’s really just something for the fans, and something for us to document.”