ABIGAIL WILLIAMS To Enter Studio In September

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS is putting the finishing touches on the material for its next album, tentatively due in early 2012. Feverishly working since its return from its most recent European tour, the band is looking forward to testing out some of the new songs later next month when it returns to Stateside venues for a string of dates that is set to begin August 25 in Las Vegas and conclude when the band performs alongside MORBID ANGEL in Los Angeles on September 23.

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS‘ first European tour since 2009 took the group through twelve countries in a quick 21 days. Band leader Sorceron notes, “The shows were excellent. We had a great time with our friends in ISKALD and THULCANDRA and hope we can join them again in the future. A big thanks to everyone who came out to the shows; we really appreciate your support.

“The upcoming dates have us headlining in the west, including the Rocky Mountain Goat Roast; we are co-headlining the fest with MISERY INDEX. The Scottsdale show has us sharing the stage once more with ex-hometown friends VEHEMENCE and LANDMINE MARATHON. And what more can I say about playing with MORBID ANGEL other than how awesome it will be to finally share the stage with a band we grew up listening to?”

ABIGAIL WILLIAMS‘ as-yet-untitled third album will be recorded in September. Sorceron says, “The new material is a continuation of our last album but with more atmosphere and far more extreme tempos. We are adding back some of the symphonic elements that were on ‘In the Shadow Of A Thousand Suns’ album but without sacrificing any of the edge that was on ‘In the Absence Of Light’. So far we are really happy with everything.”

As previously announced, ABIGAIL WILLIAMS will tour with MAYHEM, KEEP OF KALESSIN and HATE beginning November 2.