ABOMINATION Taps Drummer RAPHAEL SAINI For European Tour

ABOMINATION, the 1990s band formed by MASTER mainman Paul Speckmann, has tapped Raphael Saini (CHAOSWAVE, EMERGENCY GATE, WE ARE BUILDING RUINS, VISIONS OF ATLANTIS) to play drums on its upcoming European reunion tour, which is scheduled to kick off in November.

Commented Saini: “I am really happy to have the chance to join Paul Speckmann for the European tour of ABOMINATION since I am a very big fan of old-school U.S. death metal! I am looking forward to have the chance to play some fast death metal drums around Europe! Also I am happy to play with Demetrio Scopelliti, an Italian killer guitar player. It will be a blast!”

When asked about ABOMINATION‘s split and the possibility of a reunion, Speckmann stated in a 2009 interview, “Management played a big part in the fall of ABOMINATION and [the band’s record label] Nuclear Blast made many mistakes as well. As for a reunion, this will never happen as guitarist Dean Chioles died of multiple sclerosis many years ago and this was a sad loss for all.”

Regarding what significance ABOMINATION has had for him personally and musically, Speckmann said, “ABOMINATION was a group that experimented with many genres of music and wasn’t afraid to try new ideas out and this was a chance to try out many of my crazy changes and the band would successfully implement them in their songs. I had the pleasure of bringing my ABOMINATION vision to Europe one time only for 26 performances and I will never forget this.”