ABORYM To Enter Studio In October

Italian/Norwegian electro/post-black metallers ABORYM will enter the studio in October to record their sixth album for an early 2013 release through Agonia Records. The band is also working on a special song to celebrate its 20th anniversary, described in a press release as “an assembly of riffs, ideas, lyrics, loops, grooves sent in by fans.” Furthermore, a big fan-wall poster is under construction, with hundreds of photos from the fans. You’ll find all the infos and restrictions on sending audio and visual material inside the fan area section at www.aborym.it.

ABORYM‘s fifth CD, “Psychogrotesque”, was released in November 2010 via Season Of Mist. The effort was composed of a single song written by the band’s mastermind Malfeitor Fabban and talented guitarist Hell:IO:Kabbalus.