ACCEPT Live In Moscow: Video Footage Available

Fan-filmed video footage of ACCEPT‘s April 28 performance at Milk club in Moscow, Russia can be seen below.

The band’s setlist was as follows:

01. Hellfire
02. Stalingrad
03. Restless And Wild
04. Living For Tonite
05. Breaker
06. Son Of A Bitch
07. Bucket Full Of Hate
08. Monsterman
09. Shadow Soldiers
10. Guitar Solo (by Wolf Hoffmann)
11. Neon Nights
12. Bulletproof
13. Losers And Winners
14. Aiming High
15. Princess Of The Dawn (with bass solo)
16. Up To The Limit
17. No Shelter
18. Pandemic
19. Fast As A Shark


20. Metal Heart
21. Teutonic Terror
22. Balls To The Wall

ACCEPT‘s new album, “Stalingrad”, registered the following first-week chart positions:

Hungary: #5
Germany: #6
Finland: #8
Sweden: #10
Switzerland: #17
Norway: #22
Czech Republic: #25
Austria: #32
UK: #32 (#2 on Rock Chart)
Poland: #46
France: #50
Spain: #66
USA: #81
Canada: #101 (#7 on Rock Chart)

“Stalingrad” sold around 5,400 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The band’s previous CD, “Blood Of The Nations”, opened with around 2,900 units back in September 2010 to land at position No. 187 on The Billboard 200 chart.

“Stalingrad” was released on April 6 via Nuclear Blast Records. The CD was once again helmed by British producer Andy Sneap (MEGADETH, EXODUS, NEVERMORE, ARCH ENEMY), who worked on the band’s critically acclaimed comeback effort, “Blood Of The Nations”.

“Stalingrad”was made available in the following formats:

* Limited CD+DVD
* CD
* 2LP (red) in gatefold
* 2LP (white/red) in gatefold – exclusive Nuclear Blast mailorder edition

Commented ACCEPT guitarist Wolf Hoffman: “ACCEPT and Andy Sneap have the perfect synergy. This was so clear with ‘Blood Of The Nations’ and we are excited to continue on that path. Andy is not only an amazing and prolific producer but also a very good friend who has long become a member of the ACCEPT family.”

Regarding the musical direction of ACCEPT‘s new album, Hoffmann told The Rock Pit last year, “We’re just gonna have the same attitude, the approach; we’re just gonna do more of the same, you know, without it being the same. More similar-style stuff, hopefully fresh new ideas. And I mean, we’re not gonna… The intention is not to change it right now. I mean, why would we? . . . But I have to say, it’s always easier said than done. It’s incredibly difficult to write songs that are sort of reminiscent of the past but they’re not, you know, rip-offs of your own music. That sounds incredibly very simple, but it’s really not, especially if you have a sort of history of 15 albums or whatever we have. Then there are always similarities that you have to avoid. It can’t be too close, but it can’t be too far away from it. So it’s a pretty fine line that you have to walk sometimes, but, you know, hopefully we’ll manage again.”

ACCEPT 2012 is:

Wolf Hoffmann: Guitar
Peter Baltes: Bass
Herman Frank: Guitar
Mark Tornillo: Vocals
Stefan Schwarzmann: Drums







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