AC/DC Frontman On Band’s Enduring Popularity: ‘We’ve Stuck To What We Do Best

Larry Getlen of the New York Post recently conducted an interview with AC/DC singer Brian Johnson. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

New York Post: Had you ever met Bon [Scott] before replacing him?

Johnson: I met Bon in 1973 or 1974. His band was supporting my band, GEORDIE. I had a terrible case of appendicitis and I went down on my side, kicking and going, “Ooh!” But I kept on singing. Apparently, he told the boys when he joined AC/DC, “I saw this guy Brian Johnson sing, and he was great. He was on the floor, kicking and screaming — what an act!” Of course, it wasn’t an act. I was really ill.

New York Post: What was it like when you joined?

Johnson: About three, four months after Bon‘s death, I’m in the Bahamas [to record the ‘Back In Black’ album]. It was nerve-wracking. After about three days, they said, “Brian, have a listen to this and see if you can write lyrics.” They had a very basic riff, and said, “We were thinking of calling it ‘Shook Me All Night Long’. I sat down that night with this blank piece of paper and within about 15 minutes, I had this song written.

New York Post: When “Back In Black” became a huge hit, did your life become the rock-star ideal?

Johnson: Absolutely not. That would not be allowed in AC/DC. We’ve always been conscious of the fact that we have a gig tomorrow, and people have paid money.

New York Post: How has AC/DC remained so popular?

Johnson: We’ve stuck to what we do best — rock ‘n’ roll. We haven’t listened to different record companies who said, “Man, you gotta start getting some big hair and wearing them long coats, with wind machines on the stage.” All those guys are now gone from the industry, and we’re still here.

Read the entire interview from the New York Post.