AC/DC Frontman: ‘We’re Constantly Surprised And Amazed At How We Keep The Success Going’

AC/DC frontman Brian Johnson tells that he has no firm idea about the band’s next move after the long cycle supporting 2008’s “Black Ice”, but he’s hoping there won’t be another eight-year interim before the group’s next project. “I’ll be six feet under by then, so no,” Johnson says with a laugh. “We never say ‘no’ and we never say ‘never.’ If we can get out an album and do another short, little tour or something, have a bit of fun, I’ll be right there. The thing with the boys in AC/DC you’ve got to remember is we’re constantly surprised and amazed at how we keep the success going. We don’t know what we’re doing — I mean, we literally don’t know what we’re doing except that we just play 100 percent every night and give it everything we’ve got. If that’s the secret to success, we’ll pass it on.”

Johnson, who wrote primarily about his relationship with cars and auto racing in his new book, “Rockers And Rollers: A Full-Throttle Memoir”, says that another set of stories is possible, but he does not intend to ever release a proper “tell-all” memoir. “I hate autobiographies,” Johnson tells “I think they’re boring and rotten, and I’m not interested. It’s usually some bitter old git doing a tell-all to get back at everybody.”

“If I could do it without stepping on anybody’s toes, I think that would be quite fun,” Johnson explains. “As long as it wasn’t negative. It would have to be a positive, funny side of everything. I think that would be a great thing, and I have thought of it.”

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