AC/DC’s Music To Accompany Drones Via Laser Beam Signal

According to, AC/DC‘s music is part of an unnamed drone operation and will serve as a sort of testing mechanism for the drone while it is in flight. The song “Highway To Hell”, which was chosen by one of the drone’s developers, will travel on a laser beam that’s being bounced off a drone. The beam is reflected to a sensor located on the ground, and the music is reconstructed. A laser beam passes through a light modulator, adding digital zeroes and ones to the beam, at which point the light hits a mirror and is reflected back to its original spot while carrying the data.

Yoann Thueux of Innovation Works in Newport, U.K., who picked “Highway To Hell”, said about her selection: “It was on my iPod and I thought it would be a good song to go first because I know it completely by heart. I’d be the first to tell if the technology was not working properly on playback.”


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