ACE FREHLEY’s ‘Anomaly’ To Be Re-Released On Vinyl Featuring Two New Colors

ACE FREHLEY's 'Anomaly' To Be Re-Released On Vinyl Featuring Two New ColorsOriginal KISS guitarist Ace Frehley‘s latest solo album, “Anomaly”, will be made available as a 2-LP vinyl set featuring two new limited-edition colors on October 1 via Brookvale Records. Only 750 units of each color are being manufactured.Pressed at the prestigious Gotta Groove Records, “Anomaly” in opaque blue or green/black swirl is available now for pre-order: $27.99 each or $50.00 for both colors.

Last year, Brookvale‘s limited-edition “Anomaly” 2-LP in silver marble sold out very quickly, and the label expects these new colors to do the same.

Frehley told in a 2009 interview that he intended “Anomaly” to “kind of pick up where I left off with my first solo album” — 1978’s “Ace Frehley”.”Prior to going into the studio, I listened to that first album, which everybody cites as their favorite Ace record,” Frehley said. “I dissected it and tried to get into the same mind set this time around. I think I recaptured some of the musical textures and attitude and vibe that I had on that first record.”

“Anomaly” was recorded at Schoolhouse Studios in New York and at Ace‘s home studio in Westchester, New York.