ACHERON Working On New Material

Black/death metal thrashers ACHERON have commenced work on material for their next full-length album, “Kult Des Hasses”. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include are “Satan Holds Dominion”, “Asphyxiation (Hands Of God)”, “Thy Father Suicide”, “Jesus Wept… Again And Again”, “Devil’s Black Blood”, “Whores And Harlots” and an extended version of the band’s cult classic song “Alla Xul (Ia Pazuzu)”.

Since ACHERON is no longer signed to Displeased Records, the band plans to demo a few of its new songs and then shop them around for a new record deal.

In other news, ACHERON is booked for the Gathering Of The Bestial Legions festival in Los Angeles, California, the Neurotic Deathfest in Holland and Mayhem In May festival in Louisville, Kentucky. Additional shows in Cleveland, Ohio; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; and Brooklyn, New York are also planned, as is a tour of Europe in March 2012.

ACHERON 2011 is:

Vincent Crowley – Vocals And Bass Guitar
Kyle Severn – Drums
Max Otworth – Lead And Rhythm Guitar
Shaun Cothron – Lead And Rhythm Guitar

In May 2010, ACHERON founder/bassist/vocalist Vincent Crowley announced that the band was calling it quits and that it would not be doing any more shows or making any more albums. It was a surprise to both fans and bandmembers alike, considering ACHERON had just released a well-received CD called “The Final Conflict: Last Days Of God”, filmed its first official music video for “I Am Heathen” and was on the verge of taking part in a slew of other projects, including another studio recording, a DVD release and a variety of shows and festival dates.