ADAM LAMBERT: I’m Not Trying To Imitate Or Outdo FREDDIE MERCURY Or Compete In Any Way

QUEEN‘s Brian May and Roger Taylor have confirmed the band will headline the second day of U.K.’s Sonisphere appearing on the Apollo stage on Saturday, July 7. Knebworth was the setting for QUEEN‘s final concert with Freddie Mercury, in August 1986.

May and Taylor also confirmed that for this very special event they will be joined by U.S. singer-songwriter, and “American Idol” finalist, Adam Lambert.

The potent chemistry between QUEEN and Lambert broke the surface when at the invitation of Brian May and Roger Taylor, Lambert joined them for the closing showcase at the recent MTV Europe Music Awards where QUEEN were present to collect their “Global Icon” award.

During a brand new interview with, Lambert insisted that he is not trying to replace the later Freddie Mercury. He said, “The way I look at it is I’m not trying to imitate or outdo him or compete in any way, that’s not even in my mind at all, I think it’s really an honor to be asked to sing the music that he and the band wrote and get up there and put on a good show. If people are too busy trying to compare, they’re not going to enjoy the music.”

Although Lambert did not rule out another collaboration with QUEEN in the future, he insisted that for now the Knebworth show is simply a one-off. He told, “One of the things [people have said] was, ‘He’s gonna be the permanent frontman of QUEEN.’ And although that would be a beautiful experience, the tricky thing this year for me is I also have my album coming out, ‘Trespassing’, and that’s gonna take a lot of work and time and energy. So it’s really a one-off experience with the band, and I’m really excited for it. But I’m not joining the band and touring with them.”