ADLER’S APPETITE: Video Interview Posted Online conducted an interview with ADLER’S APPETITE members Steven Adler (drums; formerly of GUNS N’ ROSES) and Chip Z’Nuff (bass; also of ENUFF Z’NUFF) prior to the band’s May 29, 2011 concert at the Voodoo Lounge in Kansas City, Missouri. You can now watch the chat below.

Chip Z’Nuff told Gerry Gittelson of Patch in a recent interview that ADLER’S APPETITE has inked a “massive deal” with an as-yet-undisclosed record company. “We just signed a new deal with this label — I can’t mention the label’s name right now, but it’s a massive deal,” Chip said.

ADLER’S APPETITE officially recruited singer Patrick Stone (ACES ‘N’ EIGHTS) and guitarist Lonnie Paul following the recent departures of Rick Stitch and Alex Grossi.

Stitch announced in March that he was leaving ADLER’S APPETITE in order to concentrate on his Los Angeles-based original project LADYJACK.

Stitch‘s LADYJACK bandmate Robo (guitar), who was filling in for ADLER’S APPETITE guitarist Alex Grossi on the latter group’s most recent European tour, will not be continuing with Adler‘s outfit.

Grossi left ADLER’S APPETITE in order to focus on his work with the resurrected QUIET RIOT.