ADLER’s Debut Album To Be Released Next Year recently conducted an interview with ADLER and LYNAM frontman Jacob Bunton. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. How’d this all come about with ADLER? Did you know Steven [Adler, ADLER drummer] beforehand?

Jacob Bunton: No, I’d never met him before. I was actually at Jani Lane‘s [WARRANT] memorial, and he was actually a friend of my whole band LYNAM‘s, and I was with a producer friend of mine, a guy named Jay Ruston, and he knew Steven and the guys. They were looking for a singer, because Steven was tired of doing the ADLER’S APPETITE thing. He had been doing it for a while where they just played GUNS N’ ROSES cover tunes for all of the fans, and he wanted to do something brand new from scratch. So he was also looking for pretty much a new band from scratch, and Jay said, “I know the guy to sing,” and Steven had heard LYNAM‘s song “Is This A Heartbreak Or A Loaded Gun?”, and he really liked it. He also didn’t think that I sounded like anybody else, and that’s what he liked; he wanted a singer that didn’t sound like anybody else so that when the song came on the radio people would be like, “Oh, well that’s THAT band.” And a lot of the bands on the radio now, depending on what format, if you turn on an Active Rock station, it’s hard to tell who’s who. And if you turn on a Top 40 station it’s hard to tell who’s who; It could be Katy Perry, it could be Pink, it could be Britney Spears, you never know these days because everything pretty much sounds the same. So that was that, and then he came to my hotel a day or two later, and we really hit it off. We started talking about different bands that we both love, music that he grew up on and music that I grew up on. It was funny, because obviously the music that he grew up on was ’60s and ’70s rock, you know, everything from the RASPBERRIES to QUEEN to THE DOORS. And, of course, the music that I grew up on was GUNS N’ ROSES and MÖTLEY CRÜE and all of that. [laughs] So the album’s first single, “The One That You Hated”, which is excellent by the way, tell me a little bit about how that came to be.

Jacob Bunton: Thank you! Yeah, that was actually the first song that me and Lonnie [Paul], wrote together, and the last song that we recorded. How it came about was we were just sitting in Lonnie‘s living room with a couple of acoustic guitars, and I had the music and the verses, I just didn’t have the chorus, and once it got to the chorus, Lonnie just started singing “I’m the one that you hated,” and I was like, “That’s it, that’s awesome!” So it came together really naturally and really quick. And the funny thing is, it’s the first single, but it’s not like it’s the best song on the record or anything like that. Literally, Steven was about to go into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, and he said, “You know, Slash has got his thing and Duff [McKagan] has got his thing, but nobody’s heard anything from me for a long time. I would like my fans to know what I’m up to.” So, literally, we just pointed at a piece of paper with all of the songs that we had recorded on it, and went, “Eeny meeny miny moe,” and that’s the one that we picked. And we shot the video, and the cool thing about it is VH1 just added the video two weeks ago. So they’ve been playing it, which is very cool. And as far as the ADLER album goes, is there a release date for that yet?

Jacob Bunton: Yeah, as far as ADLER goes, there’s no release date for it. The record’s been done now for a little while, but it’s still getting mixed and mastered. I think half of the record is now mixed, so we’re probably looking at early next year before the record is actually released.

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