AEROSMITH Bassist Preparing For ‘The Global Warming’ Tour

A two-minute video clip in which AEROSMITH bassist Tom Hamilton works out the details of his bass rig for the band’s upcoming “The Global Warming” tour can be seen below.

“The Global Warming” tour will kick it off on June 16 at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota and wrap up on August 8 in Tacoma, Washington.

“This tour, in addition to a couple songs we know we’re going to play from the new record, we want to bring out songs we just haven’t played for years,” AEROSMITH guitarist Joe Perry told “We’ll be playing some of those — songs that were staples in the sets back in the old days that will be new songs to a lot of people if they don’t know the albums.”

Perry told USA Today that AEROSMITH will likely perform its new single, “Legendary Child”, and two or three other new songs during the upcoming shows but that “playing half the record would not serve the audience.”

“We have a catalog going back 40 years, and every classic we take out of the set is going to be missed by some kid who hasn’t heard it live yet, whether it’s ‘Walk This Way’, ‘Dream On’ or ‘Jaded’,” he said. “We have to honor that. It’s going to be a real rock ‘n’ roll show.”