AEROSMITH Bassist Steps Out As Band Lyricist

According to The Pulse Of Radio, AEROSMITH bassist Tom Hamilton can add “lyricist” tom his long line of talents. The band’s first collection of all-new music in 11 years, called, “Music From Another Dimension!”, will be released on November 6, and features the tune “Tell Me” — which Hamilton wrote the lyrics to. He spoke about the song to Rolling Stone, explaining, “I had these chord changes, and I thought maybe I could try writing lyrics. . . It was a whole new experience for me. The song is about lost love, but I’ve been married since I was 25-years-old. My wife goes, ‘What the hell do you know about that?’ I was just evoking a feeling I had when I was a kid listening to THE BEATLES and THE [ROLLING] STONES — I always loved their lonely sounding songs.”

Frontman Steven Tyler added: “He may be a bass player but his melodic sensibility on a 12-string and the things he picks are just brilliant. . . He’s got a great ear. He hasn’t strutted that for a while because we just haven’t got around to it. We did this time and I was blown off my fuckin’ perch.”

Tom Hamilton told The Pulse Of Radio that successfully battling cancer gave him a new appreciation for life. “Y’know, one of the ironic things is that, and it’s kind of a cliche, y’know, about the little things in life, but I’m constantly noticing little pleasures like that,” he said. “And because — y’know, I’m pretty sure I’m cool, but you never know, you might go in there and they’ll say, ‘Oh, there’s some kind of trouble going on,’ so you really do put a priority on enjoying the stuff that’s right in front of you.”

A track on “Music From Another Dimension!”, called “Freedom Fighter”, features a guest appearance from Johnny Depp on vocals.

AEROSMITH will be celebrating Election Day a day earlier on Monday, November 5. The band will be performing somewhere in their hometown of Boston, but they’re cooperating with city authorities, who will only let them reveal the location of the outdoor concert the day of the event.

Steven Tyler plans to record a full solo album next year, while guitarist Joe Perry will become the third member of the band, after Tyler and drummer Joey Kramer, to publish his autobiography.