AEROSMITH Bassist To Take Part In Twitter Chat

AEROSMITH bassist Tom Hamilton has been blown away by all of the questions submitted via Twitter — so much so that he wants to take part in a live Twitter chat with all of the band’s fans.

Join Tom on Wednesday, June 8 at 7 p.m. ET for a live question-and-answer session where you can submit your questions to Tom by using the Twitter hashtag #AskTomHamilton.

In the meantime, check out Tom‘s webstoriesinspired by questions that you, the fans, have submitted and don’t forget, you can join the conversation by using the Twitter hashtag #AskTomHamilton and your tweets will be added to the video.

AEROSMITH will bring its one-of-a-kind live show to Latin America this fall. The tour kicks off October 22 in Lima, Peru.

AEROSMITH first played in Latin America in 1977 and last year’s electrifying tour through South America left fans begging for more.

Rock icons for over 30 years, AEROSMITH‘s music spans generations while its members remain as dynamic and innovative as they were when the band first began. As four-time Grammy winners, Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inductees (2001), recipients of 12 MTV Music Video Awards, and countless other awards, AEROSMITH shows no sign of slowing down performing memorable sold out shows around the world for decades as well as selling over 150 million albums. Blazing past the trends and fads of rock and roll, the band has created their own unique place in rock history as one of the most powerful forces in popular music.