AEROSMITH Guitarist Talks New Album, Internal Drama

In a recent interview with Brian Aberback of Long Branch-Eatontown Patch, AEROSMITH guitarist Brad Whitford was asked if he ever thought that the band was coming to an end because of all of the drama between lead singer Steven Tyler and the rest of the band over the past two and a half years. “We were looking at all sorts of options,” Brad replied. “We were at odds with Steven. He had made it clear to us that he wanted to work on his own solo thing for a while. And then he signed on to ‘American Idol’. We felt a little bit left in the lurch. We wanted to go out and make music. We felt maybe we could go out and maybe bring in someone else to sing, maybe call it a different name. We talked about it but it never panned out. Things just worked out. I always knew the band would perform again, but I didn’t know when or how.

Regarding what it was like working with producer Jack Douglas again on AEROSMITH‘s new album, “Music From Another Dimension” (Douglas produced the band’s 1970s classics “Toys In The Attic” and “Rocks”), Whitford said, “It was like putting on a pair of old slippers. It just felt so right. We got to work and the album just came out so good. Everybody in the band contributed music to the album. We’re so psyched about it. It’s going to blow people’s minds. The band sounds and plays better than ever.”

On the topic of the new album’s release date, which was recently pushed back from August to November, Brad said, “It’s unfortunate. We were going to have the song ‘Legendary Child’ as part of a movie soundtrack that was going to come out this summer and the movie [‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’] was delayed to next year, so the whole marketing campaign that went along with that and the album’s release went right down the toilet. So the record company wanted time for a whole new approach and they wanted to get a slot to release the album they thought would be good for it. It’ll be worth the wait.”

“Legendary Child” video:




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