AEROSMITH May Self-Release Albums If ‘Band Stays Together’


According to, AEROSMITH members Steven Tyler (vocals) and Joe Perry (guitar) were asked during a conference call with reporters on Thursday whether the band would consider self-releasing future projects. “If the band stays together, yeah, we’ll definitely go that route, something somewhere over there,” Tyler said. “We’ve been keeping record companies stocked with millions of shekels for years, been making a lot of people rich — not that we haven’t, but every now and then you get into arguments with labels [and] you think, ‘Where is all this money going?’ We’ve definitely thought of putting stuff out. I was very successful last year with a [single] called ‘It Feels So Good’. It proves it can happen.”

Perry wasn’t as sold on the idea, however, telling that, “We’ve talked about every idea you can think of out there, and we really don’t know. There’s so many different directions we can go. [Columbia] has been totally with us and behind us on this album, and really supportive. So the talk about what happens when it gets delivered and we [finish] our commitment with Sony, what are we gonna do next — it’s really an open question at this point.”

On November 6, AEROSMITHTyler, Perry, Brad Whitford (guitar), Tom Hamilton (bass) and Joey Kramer (drums) — will release “Music From Another Dimension” on Columbia Records. It marks the band’s 15th studio album and their first studio collection of all-new material in 11 years. The album was recorded in Los Angeles and at the band’s studio in Massachusetts; it was produced by Jack Douglas, Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, with the exception of three tracks produced by Tyler and Marti Frederiksen.

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