AEROSMITH’s BRAD WHITFORD: ‘Dimension’ Is ‘One Of The Better Cds That We Have Ever Done’

Robert Cavuoto of Guitar International recently conducted an interview with AEROSMITH guitarist Brad Whitford. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Guitar International: At what point did you realize that “Music From Another Dimension” was going to be the “ultimate” AEROSMITH CD that fans had been waiting for?

Brad Whitford: That’s a good question. We had an initial writing session for this CD about a year and half ago, where we worked up seven or eight songs with Marti Frederiksen in L.A. We had a good vibe right from that start and were having a lot of fun doing it. From there, we went into the studio with Jack Douglas [producer] a few months later. We had a tremendous amount of ideas to work with I think even the band was surprised at the result.

Guitar International: Is it true that you went back to some leftover riffs and unreleased demos for “Music From Another Dimension”?

Brad Whitford: There were some things that we were sitting on for a long time but never got around to finishing until now. Ideas that we knew they were good, yet didn’t throw them aside. We took them out of the box and said, “Hmm, this one’s good” and “I like this one.”

Guitar International: At what point did you realize the impact that a strong producer like Jack Douglas would have on the success of the CD?

Brad Whitford: I think it was a natural progression. We used other producers for a long time and had great success, Bruce Fairburn, for example. With Jack we have always maintained a great relationship. Now was the time to get back together and approach it like we did in the old days, when we worked with him. Jack understands us as a group, as well as individuals. He knows how to get things done with us. [laughs] We all have a great relationship with him and he is almost like a sixth member of the band. I think it’s a level of trust and friendship that supersedes the music so when it’s time to work, it’s very comfortable, and a creative place to work.

Guitar International: Where does “Music From Another Dimension” rate for you personality compared to all your other CDs?

Brad Whitford: I think it might be one of the better CDs that we have ever done. Lots of times you make a CD and end up with one or two tracks that you’re not totally happy with. And that typically that has to do with how much materials you have to work with. We had enormous amount of material. I think if we stayed in the studio any longer we would have enough for another two or three CDs. [laughs]

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