Aeternam Recording New Album “Moongod,” Splits With Bassist

Aeternam has checked in with the following announcement about splitting with the band’s bass player and recording a new album:

Aeternam is sad to announce the departure of bass player Jean-François Boudreault. The band wishes him success with all his projects and thank him for all those great moments shared together.

“On a more positive note, Aeternam is proud to reveal the title and tracklist of their forthcoming album, due by the end of this year. The album will again be recorded at Badass Studios with engineer JeF Fortin within the next two months and will be called ‘Moongod.’ Please, share and stay tuned for more details really soon!”

1. Moongod
2. Invading Jerusalem
3. Cosmogony
4. Iram of the Pillars
5. Rise of Arabia
6. Xibalba
7. Descent of Gods
8. Idol of the Sun
9. Hubal, Profaner of Light