AETERNAM: Video Footage From ‘Moongod’ Recording Sessions

Quebec, Canada-based metallers AETERNAM recently entered Badass Studios with engineer Jean-François “Jef” Fortin to begin recording their new album, “Moongod”, for a late 2012 release via Galy Records.

Video footage from the studio can be seen below.

Commented the band, “The album will contain nine songs plus a short and wicked intro. As far as it goes, there’s still a lot of blast beats and brutal stuff, but the music is way more epic and melodic, really more groovy and let’s say… dangerous? Lyrics deal a lot with religions (again), but the focus is more on pre-Islamic rites and actual stuff that is going on right now in the Middle East. Nevertheless, there’s still some new ideas and conceptsL we do even have a song that talks about Mayan culture! Crazy stuff!”

“Moongod” track listing:

01. Moongod
02. Invading Jerusalem
03. Cosmogony
04. Iram Of The Pillars
05. Rise Of Arabia
06. Xibalba
07. Descent Of Gods
08. Idol Of The Sun
09. Hubal, Profaner Of Light

Video footage of AETERNAM performing the new song “Descent Of Gods” live for the first time in January 2011 at Impérial in Quebec City can be seen below.

In other news, AETERNAM has announced the departure of bassist Jean-François Boudreault.

Studio footage:


“Descent Of Gods” performance: