‘Aeterno Elementum’ Heavy Metal Opera To Return To Stage In November

Jeremiah Johnson and Randy Haines, along with the rest of Ara’Kus Productions, will appear at the historic Everett Theatre in Everett, Washington on November 9 and November 10 as part of “Aeterno Elementum”, a unique heavy metal opera that features powerful stage performances, authentic medieval battles (choreographed and enacted by members of the the Seattle Knights), and the soaring heavy metal music of the Ara’Kus band. Ara’Kus Productions seeks to create a unique experience for the audience by blending centuries old operatic conventions with the contemporary beat of heavy metal music, all while keeping it accessible and appropriate for all ages.

“We’re all extremely excited to be bringing this unique form of storytelling back to the historic Everett Theatre,” says Jeremiah Johnson, founder of Ara’Kus Productions and composer of “Aeterno Elementum”. “This is really something different that you have to see to fully appreciate, and even long time fans will find a lot of new material to enjoy.”

Exploring the dark regions of the human soul, the visceral tale told by “Aeterno Elementum” features foul betrayal, impossible redemptions, and an all-important glimmer of hope in the darkness.

Ara’Kus Productions brings an incredible cast of actors, acrobats, singers, and other performers to create an epic stage production that isn’t so much watched, as it is experienced. These great talents include:

* Jeremiah Johnson, tenor and guitarist
* Randy Haines, guitarist
* Andrea Williams, soprano
* BJ Becker, actor
* Melody Anne, aerialist
* Byron Heflen, Seattle Knights

For more information, visit www.heavymetalopera.com.


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