ALICE COOPER Awards GUILLERMO DEL TORO An Eyegore, Unveils New Haunted Maze At Universal

Legendary rocker Alice Cooper made a quick stop in Los Angeles for Universal Hollywood‘s 2012 Eyegore Awards, where he presented director Guillermo Del Toro with the evenings final Eyegore.

The annual award show is the precursor to the unveiling of Universal Hollywood‘s Halloween Horror Nights haunted maze attractions. Among the new mazes this year is Alice‘s own maze called Alice Cooper Goes To Hell 3D. This maze was designed by Universal‘s John Murdy, the same twisted mind behind Alice‘s 2011 Haunted Maze.

This year’s Eyegore Awards show honored several fixtures in the horror genre. Immediately following the awards show, Alice was one of the first who made their way though the Goes To Hell maze. Being a bit of a scary guy himself, it’s surprising that even Alice was caught off guard at times. But after all, Alice is at home among decapitated bodies and creepy music. “Looks like my road crew,” Alice said after his first pass through the maze. Alice enjoyed the maze so much that he went through three times, each time mingling with the park visitors and scaring a few children himself.

Murdy and his Universal Hollywood team delivered on their promise to Alice to step this year’s maze up a notch. This was no easy feat, as John Murdy‘s creation for Alice last year was one of Universal Hollywood‘s most popular attractions of the season, clocking almost a million visitors. But let’s point out something you may not have noticed about John Murdy. This is a man whosse last name is dangerously close to murder. This is a man who is able to get deep into Alice‘s demented psyche and create attractions that not only scare people, but also appeal to true Alice fans.

They are already talking about next Halloween…



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