ALICE COOPER: MAIDEN Audience Is A Great Opportunity For Us To Show Them What ALICE Is About

Legendary rocker Alice Cooper, who attended yesterday’s Revolver Golden Gods Awards press conference in Los Angeles, spoke to Rolling Stone about his upcoming summer tour with IRON MAIDEN, which is scheduled to kick off on June 21 in North Carolina.

“Those guys are really good friends of ours,” Cooper said about MAIDEN. “When you’ve been out for five decades on the road, there’s a whole section of the audience out there that have heard of Alice Cooper but never saw Alice Cooper. So an IRON MAIDEN audience is a great opportunity for us to show them what Alice is all about. We do more theatrics now than we did back then.”

When asked what he is going to do on this tour with MAIDEN, Alice said, “You have to do the hits. The audience would kill you if you don’t do ‘Eighteen’ and ‘School’s Out’. But then we’ve got to do stuff from the new album. And then you have to get what I call the underground hits — the real Alice aficionados want to hear those songs. Once in a while you throw a cover in there. We do a pretty mean ‘Brown Sugar’.”