ALICE COOPER: ‘Rockline’ Appearance Available For Streaming

Legendary rocker Alice Cooper was interviewed on last night’s (Wednesday, September 7) edition of the nationally syndicated radio show “Rockline” with host Bob Coburn. You can now listen to the program at

Alice Cooper recently said that “I’ll Bite Your Face Off”, the first single from his upcoming “Welcome 2 My Nightmare” album, was inspired by THE ROLLING STONES. Speaking with NME, Cooper explained that the song “is my tip-of-the-hat to early ROLLING STONES,” adding, “This song was begging to be in the live show. We’ve done it in four different continents now and no one had ever heard it. By the second chorus, the whole audience is singing ‘I’ll Bite Your Face Off’. It’s the perfect little three-minute hit single.”

Cooper said that the song is influenced by the STONES “like in 1964/65 when their songs were very Chuck Berry-orientated. They just feel so good, in the pocket.”

Although it had been years since he opened for anyone, Cooper made an exception in 2006 when he got the chance to warm up for his heroes at three U.S. shows. He told The Pulse Of Radio at the time that opening for the STONES was a must. “The thing about opening for the STONES is that you gotta picture me at 15 years old, seeing THE ROLLING STONES on TV for the first time, on ‘Ed Sullivan’, and realizing that that’s what I wanted to do,” he said. “Any time that you get a chance to be on the same bill as THE ROLLING STONES, I mean, you, you immediately drop your headliner status and say ‘Absolutely, we’ll open for the STONES.'”

The recently inducted Rock And Roll Hall Of Famer also told NME that he has no problem revealing what other artists he gets his inspiration from, saying, “I don’t mind showing people where I get my songs from. I can guarantee there were times when major acts took an Alice Cooper song and said, ‘We want it to sound like that’ . . . I see it as a compliment.”

“Welcome 2 My Nightmare”, the long-awaited “sequel” to Cooper‘s 1975 Top Five solo classic “Welcome To My Nightmare”, arrives on September 13.

“Welcome 2 My Nightmare” features original ALICE COOPER BAND members Denis Dunaway, Michael Bruce and Neal Smith, who reunited for three tracks; current pop superstar Ke$ha, who affectionately calls Alice “dad” — and legendary Alice and Lou Reed guitarist Steve Hunter, who is part of Alice‘s current touring band and was featured prominently on the first “Nightmare” album.