ALICE IN CHAINS Guitarist Reminds You Not To Smoke At Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

ALICE IN CHAINS guitarist Jerry Cantrell is among the Northwest artists who have recorded overhead safety and informational announcements that will be heard at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport as part of The Sea-Tac Airport Music Initiative, Experience The City Of Music — a cooperative effort by the Port Of Seattle, Seattle Music Commission and PlayNetwork.

The Cantrell PSA alerts travellers to the airport’s no-smoking policy: “This is Jerry Cantrell of ALICE IN CHAINS reminding you that smoking is allowed on the lower drive outside the building and only in designated areas … Bummer, dude.”

For the Sea-Tac program, the Port Of Seattle turned to Redmond, Washington-based PlayNetwork, a creator of “original vibes” for more than 15,000 clients around the world. Working with the Seattle Music Commission and other groups, the company came up with a four-pronged program which also features overhead music from Jimi Hendrix.

The Sea-Tac Airport Music Initiative, Experience The City Of Music will launch this week to showcase the northwest region’s music culture and enhance the experience of millions of passengers who pass through Seattle-Tacoma International Airport each year.

The Sea-Tac Airport Music Initiative, Experience The City Of Music is a comprehensive program that enhances the traveler’s experience by utilizing speakers and screens airport-wide to feature a diverse variety of northwest music from the soulful sounds of Quincy Jones to the poignant lyrics of Eddie Vedder. Travelers will also hear artist-read public announcements, enjoy curated videos on terminal and baggage claim monitors, and listen to a multi-channel web radio player available through the free airport Wi-Fi network.

“The Port is pleased to be a leader in this effort to promote the region’s music industry and to increase the visibility of local musicians at the airport,” said John Creighton, Port Of Seattle Commissioner. “From Jimi Hendrix to the Wilson sisters, Chris Cornell and many others, the Seattle area has a strong music heritage. Over 32 million passengers pass through Sea-Tac Airport each year, giving us a unique opportunity to introduce a new generation of local musicians to travelers and tourists.”

You can read the entire press release at this location.