ALL THAT REMAINS: ‘Stand Up’ Lyric Video Released

Massachusetts metallers ALL THAT REMAINS will release their new album, “A War You Cannot Win”, on November 6 via Razor Tie/Prosthetic. The CD sees the band reunited with longtime producer Adam Dutkiewicz (THE DEVIL WEARS PRADA, AS I LAY DYING, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE). The record is the culmination of an intense writing period for the group that began shortly after their 18-month tour in support of “For We Are Many”.

The “A War You Cannot Win” cover artwork was created by Paul R. Brown (STONE SOUR, SLIPKNOT, MÖTLEY CRÜE, KORN, GODSMACK, AVENGED SEVENFOLD) and can be seen below. Also available is the lyric video for the album’s first single, “Stand Up”.

Commented ALL THAT REMAINS singer Phil Labonte: “We really busted our asses and tried to do some new stuff (like we always do) and we’re really happy about what came out of it. Some of it is pretty different and is REALLY gonna blow you guys away. Some of it is gonna sound just like what you expect from ALL THAT REMAINS. And I’m sure all of it is gonna make the Internet have a conniption fit!”

Dutkiewicz previously helmed ALL THAT REMAINS‘ last album, 2010’s “For We Are Many”, as well as 2004’s “This Darkened Heart” and 2006’s “The Fall of Ideals”.

In a recent interview with the Colorado Springs, Colorado radio station 94.3 KILO, Labonte stated about “A War You Cannot Win”, “I don’t like to get too involved in tooting my own horn, but I think that we really wrote some killer songs. I mean, there’s gonna be people with different opinions that are gonna go ahead and make comments based on their opinions and what they think we should have done, and that’s all fine. But if you get past that and just look at the record for what it is and listen to the songs for what they are and judge them on their own merits as opposed to, ‘I wanted you to write this record,’ or ‘I wanted the record to sound like this and it doesn’t sound like what I wanted you to write a record to sound like,’ if you just look at the songs and the material that’s actually there, we really did a good job. There’s gonna be critics out there that are gonna be like, ‘Well, ALL THAT REMAINS, in my opinion, should have done this.’ But the hilarious part is they’re not in ALL THAT REMAINS, so no one gives a fuck [what they think]. And that’s the thing about people on the Internet and blogs. Like, ‘Oh, you should have done this. You should have done that. And blah blah blah.’ Guess who’s not in the band? You. Shut up, f****t. Seriously. Are you gonna sit there and be like, ‘Ah, I think you should have done this. And I think you should have done that.’ We don’t give a fuck! We did what we wanted to do. So if you don’t like it, s**k a d**k. I don’t care. If you listen to the songs themselves and really base an opinion on the music that you’re listening to without the bias of, ‘I think you should have done this,’ or ‘I think you should have done that,’ or ‘I wanted your next record to sound like this,’ or ‘I wanted that,’ and just listen to the stuff that we wrote, it’s a killer album; it’s great. It’s a really, really well-put-together record. The songs are really strong, the melodies are all really cool, the hooks are there, there’s heavy parts that really kind of pummel you a little bit. It’s really there.”

“For We Are Many” sold 29,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The band’s previous CD, “Overcome”, opened with just under 29,000 units in September 2008 to enter The Billboard 200 chart at No. 16.

“Stand Up” (new song) lyric video:


“Down Through The Ages” (new song) audio stream:




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