ALMAH Frontman Says New Album Will Show Band’s ‘Real’ Personality

Brazilian progressive power metal band ALMAH — the side project of ANGRA members Edu Falaschi (vocals) and Felipe Andreoli (bass) — has set “Motion” as the title of its third album, tentatively due this fall via AFM Records. The CD was recorded at Norcal Studioin São Paulo, Brazil. 10 songs were tracked for the effort, which was composed by the entire band and is described in a press release as “really heavy and up-to-date with less influences of typical melodic metal.”

Commented Falaschi: “The cover has been created by myself with my own iPhone. I took a picture in Paris and used some applications to create that motion effect. Then Felipe [Andreoli, bass] used my picture and re-created this artwork in high resolution using Photoshop and completed it with new elements.

“This time we wanted something modern and direct to represent our music and we are totally sure that we got the result we really wanted since the very beginning. This CD will show the real ALMAH‘s language and personality!”

ALMAH‘s sophomore album, “Fragile Equality”, was released in October 2008 via AFM Records.


Edu Falaschi – Vocals
Felipe Andreoli – Bass
Marcelo Barbosa – Gutar
Paulo Schroeber – Guitar
Marcelo Moreira – Drums

ALMAH released its debut CD in the U.S. in July 2007 via Candlelight.