ALTAIR Announces New Guitarist

Stockholm, Sweden based thrashers ALTAIR have announced the addition of guitarist Michel Isberg to the group’s ranks.

According to a post on the band’s Facebook page, “Michel is best known as frontman, guitarist, singer [and] mastermind in the awesome metal band MACHINERY, who sadly called it quits a while ago. Michel also plays guitar in METALLICA tribute band TRIBUTALLICA, sings in the IRON MAIDEN tribute band CHARLOTTE THE WHORE-A-LOT and does occasional acoustic cover gigs to get laid.

“In ALTAIR, Michel joins forces with the four original members and will be sharing six-string duties with Kalle Stenberg, making the band a quintet. We also expect him to contribute with some songwriting and vocals, carry our gear, run errands and pay the beer tabs. He is a brilliant musician and a great guy, so we are thrilled to have him onboard!”

ALTAIR has been active since 1997.


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