Am I Blood Working On Physical Release of Latest Album, “Existence of Trauma”

Finnish metal band Am I Blood has broken the silence and announced that they’re working on getting their latest album, “Existence of Trauma,” distributed in physical form. The band released the album as a free download earlier last year. Here’s the update from the band:

We have been dead quiet few years now but once again we can reveal you a “secret”.. We are working towards the release of “Existence of Trauma” in a physical shape. We cannot say about the schedule yet but at least everyone’s intention is to make it happen fast, really fast if we dare to say. We want to thank you all for your nice comments and words you’re sending for us. It’s truly great to hear that you like our music and would like to see us playing live shows. Live shows are still far away but if and when the release of “Existence of Trauma” happens we’re at least a one step closer to say everything is possible!!

Photo of Am I Blood