AMEN Singer Arrested For DUI; Video Available

According to, AMEN singer Casey Chaos (real name: Karim Chmielinski) was arrested last night for DUI in Studio City, California after he allegedly smashed his SUV into as many as 15 parked cars.

Police say the 46-year-old musician abandoned his car at the scene and went to his nearby home, where he was arrested at around 12:50 a.m.

Casey‘s blood alcohol level was just above .08, the legal limit in California.

Video footage of Casey‘s smashed up vehicle and Chaos during his arrest can be seen below.

Casey announced in August 2008 that he was making “much-needed and overdue changes to his lifestyle” and checking himself into Hollywood’s Wonderland rehabilitation center.

For over a decade, Chaos claimed, he had been prescribed various meds for pain and treatment of his various health issues. These, combined with grueling touring schedules and heavy drinking while on the road, had worn on Chaos and caused his health and state of mind to deteriorate further.

AMEN‘s last collection of new studio recordings, “Death Before Musick”, was released in 2004 through EatUrMusic — a Columbia Records imprint owned by SYSTEM OF A DOWN guitarist Daron Malakian.


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