AMORAL: The Animated Interview

An animated “South Park”-style video version of a September 2011 interview with Finnish metal/hard rock outfit AMORAL conducted by several of the band’s fans can be viewed below (interview by Terri A. Willis, script and animation by Szilvia Szilágy).

AMORAL‘s fifth album, “Beneath”, is being released today (Wednesday, October 26). The CD comes equipped with a stunning 18-page poster booklet (made by Spanish artist Marta Nael), expanding the cover artwork into all its glory.

“Beneath” track listing:

01. Beneath
02. Wrapped in Barbwire
03. Silhouette
04. Things Left Unsaid
05. (Won’t Go) Home
06. Closure
07. Same Difference
08. Hours of Simplicity
09. Wastelands
10. This Ever Ending Game
11. No Future
12. Of Silent Stares Fire Lost

“Beneath” was recorded at Sound Supreme studios in Hämeenlinna, Finland, and was produced by Janne Saksa and guitarist Ben Varon.

“I’d describe the album as ‘three steps forward, one step back,'” Varon previously said. “There are several nods to our past in form of long songs, intricate riffs and growling vocals. But the main focus is still on the strong melodies, big choruses and catchy riffs, just as was on our last album, ‘Show Your Colors’.”

“Beneath” marks the recording debut of AMORAL‘s new guitarist Masi Hukari. Hukari — who joined the group late in the songwriting process — immediately wrote two songs together with Varon, both which ended up on the album. Another first is that, from now on, AMORAL has two lead guitar players.



“Silhouette” video:


“Silhouette” acoustic performance on Finnish TV:



Expanded artwork:



(Thanks: Melica / Night Elves)