‘An Evening With Zak Stevens’: 14-Minute Video Recap Of Brazilian Acoustic Tour

Zak Stevens (CIRCLE II CIRCLE, SAVATAGE) earlier this month completed a Brazilian tour dubbed “An Evening With Zak Stevens” where he performed acoustic versions of CIRCLE II CIRCLE and SAVATAGE classics. Joining Zak during the trek were Mitch Stewart (CIRCLE II CIRCLE bassist) on guitar, Mauricio del Bianco (SOULSPELL) on keyboards and Leandro Caçoilo (SOULSPELL) on guest vocals.

A 14-minute video recap of the tour — courtesy of Mitch Stewart — can be seen below.

The setlist for Zak‘s March 10 performance at Manifesto Bar in São Paulo, Brazil was as follows:

01. The Ocean
02. Welcome
03. Taking Back Yesterday
04. Watching You Fall
05. Believe
06. All That I Bleed
07. Edge Of Thorns
08. Handful Of Rain (w/ Leandro Caçoilo)
09. Into The Wind
10. Desiree
11. Watching In Silence (w/ Leandro Caçoilo)
12. Alone You Breathe (w/ Leandro Caçoilo)
13. Gutter Ballet
14. Sleep
15. The Storm (Mauricio del Bianco)
16. Sarajevo
17. This Is The Time


18. If I Go Away

CIRCLE II CIRCLE‘s sixth album, “Seasons Will Fall” , will be released in the spring/summer.

The band’s fifth CD, “Consequence Of Power” , came out in September 2010 via AFM Records .