ANGER AS ART Announces New Bassist

Los Angeles-based thrashers ANGER AS ART have announced the addition of bassist Henry De La Cruz (MANIACAL GENOCIDE, STIGMATA, REVMATIX) to the group’s ranks. Henry replaces Angelo Espino, who departed in October.

Commented ANGER AS ART mainman/founder Steve Gaines: “Henry was at the top of all of our lists of guys we wanted to talk to. He has been in bands with both Dan [guitarist Daniel Oliverio] and Rob [Alaniz; drummer] — and I have been onstage and jammed with him many times over the years. Musically, he’s a monster. Influences? The same. He knows the history of ANGER AS ART. But most important was ‘the hang.’ The chemistry.

“We were facing a big unknown going forward without Angelo — and needed to know that the new person would not just fill the space, but make it his own. Intangibles. Henry is that guy.”

ANGER AS ART is putting the finishing touches on its fourth album, “Hubris Inc.”, at Trench Studio in Corona, California for a spring 2012 release via OSM Records.

Songtitles set to appear on the CD:

* Hubris Inc. (intro)
* This Is Why I Hate
* Pieces Of Red
* Divided We Fall
* As The Exalted Seethe
* Time Devours Life
* The Evil You Create
* Gods Of Hate
* Pearls Before Swine
* Anger Is the Reason
* Never Forgive, Never Forget
* Head Of The Snake
* Rage And Retribution
* Speed Kills

ANGER AS ART‘s concert DVD, “Live Dissent”, was released last year. The disc features footage from the February 21, 2010 concert at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, California, clips of the band on tour in Europe and in the USA, and a segment of the recording process for the “Disfigure” album.

ANGER AS ART‘s third album, “Disfigure”, was released in November 2009 via Old School Metal Records. The bulk of the tracking was done at Trench Studio in Corona, California with John Haddad, while the vocals and “extra stuff” was overseen by Chris Trent at CT Audio.

ANGER AS ART‘s current lineup:

Steve Gaines – Vocals, Guitar
Henry De La Cruz – Bass
Rob Alaniz – Drums
Daniel Oliverio – Guitar, Vocals