ANGERTEA Completes Recording New Album

Hungarian “progressive-grunge metallers” ANGERTEA have completed recording their fourth full-length album, “Nr. 4: Songs Exhaled”, for a mid-September release via the Norwegian label Smash Fabric Records. The CD, which is currently being mixed by producer Gábor Vári, features guest appearances by Bill Gould (FAITH NO MORE), who played some guitar harmonies in the song “No Computation”, and Tibor Rákos of Hungarian progressive band ECLIPSE, who sang some lines in “Meeting Satan On The Way To Personal Desertification”.

Video footage of the recording process for the new CD — featuring a sample of the new song “A For Afrodita” (beginning at the 12:30 mark) — can be seen below.

The cover artwork for “Nr. 4: Songs Exhaled” was drawn by ANGERTEA singer Gergo and was edited by Anna Pukánszky.

“Nr. 4: Songs Exhaled” will feature the following tracks:

01. No Computation (feat. Bill Gould)
02. Demons Surfaced
03. V.
04. In Light Air
05. Decay
06. Lions’ Region
07. A For Afrodita
08. Akråm
09. Meeting Satan On The Way To Personal Desertification (feat. Tibor Rákos)
10. Distance Of You

ANGERTEA previously stated about the forthcoming effort, “Compared to our previous recordings, this one is gonna include shorter and maybe more ‘understandable’ songs.”

ANGERTEA previously released three full-length albums — “Lélekvágy” (2001), “Rushing Towards the Hateline” (2006) and “Twenty-Eight Ways to Bleed” (2009) — and an EP that was mixed by Neil Kernon (NILE, NEVERMORE, CANNIBAL CORPSE).


Mihály Gergely – Vocals/Guitar
Peralta Miguel – Bass
Bárkai László – Drums



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