ANGRA/ALMAH Frontman Says He Has Been Singing ‘Totally Out Of His Range’ For Past 10 Years

Brazilian heavy metal singer Eduardo “Edu” Falaschi (ANGRA, ALMAH, SYMBOLS) has released the following statement:

“Dear friends,

“At last I would like to clarify some facts about my voice with all the sincerity, humility and integrity that I may have.

“For over 20 years I have worked without a day off in the heavy metal style, and we all know how difficult and technically demanding it is. Joining ANGRA, I had to fit a particularly high way of singing, which was totally out of my range, and of the vast majority of the singers! At the time I took the responsibility and faced all the pressure. But 10 years ago it was much easier due to the physical factor, excitement and age. I started to feel, year after year, gradually, the difficulties of singing something so high and out of my natural trait. I fought to the end! I did everything possible to continue to sing the songs, particularly the old ones, always in high pitches, because the melodic metal audience has ever ‘demanded’ this of us singers. But unfortunately, today, older and more experienced, I assume that I am no longer able to sing so high. I am extremely tired and feeling the weight of all that in my voice, including the region that has always been the most comfortable for me! I’m a baritone singer who dominates the mediums and lows, with drive, singing with a more aggressive chest voice, as I did in SYMBOLS and do in ALMAH. I have conquered many things and built much of my story with my own style.

“Therefore, I made a decision, thinking only and exclusively about the health of my voice and integrity of my career, which I have built with so much struggle and dedication.

“After fulfilling all the promotional activities of [the new ALMAH album] ‘Motion’, scheduled until the end of the year, I will stop indefinitely to finally rest and be able to deal properly with my health. But I have to point out that from today on I’ll just sing whatever is in my natural range, be it in ANGRA or any other band, for my own good! I want to be who I really am, instead of being what people want me to be! In the meantime, I’ll continue with my activities as a producer and composer, which are things I love doing, and will not harm at all the progress of my recovery.

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all the fans who always supported me and defend me unconditionally! I will always do my best writing and singing good music for you guys, with all my truth and emotion! This is the first step to a new time in my life! I have confidence in the future and will always be passionate about the greatest music ever, HEAVY METAL!”

ALMAH‘s third album, “Motion”, will be released on the following dates:

* Europe (via AFM Records): October 14
* Brazil (Laser Company): September 16
* Rest Of Latin America (Icarus Records): October 14
* Japan (Victor JVC): October 19

The CD was recorded in May-June 2011 at Norcal Studios in São Paulo, Brazil and was mixed and mastered in July at Split Second Sound Studios in Amsterdam, Netherlands by Jochem Jacobs (TEXTURES).