ANOTHER ANIMAL: Brand New Promotional Photo Released

A brand new promotional photo of ANOTHER ANIMAL, the side project started by GODSMACK members Tony Rombola on guitar, Robbie Merrill on bass and Shannon Larkin on drums, can be seen below.

Although ANOTHER ANIMAL‘s 2007 debut album failed to interest the public, the group, which also features original GODSMACK guitarist Lee Richards and ex-UGLY KID JOE singer Whitfield Crane, will release a new song called “Fall Of Rome” this fall. Larkin told the Naples News that if the single takes off, a new album could be in the works.

The Pulse Of Radio asked Larkin last year if he thought there would ever be a second ANOTHER ANIMAL outing. “I’m not sure about the ANOTHER ANIMAL project,” he said. “You know, we love the record still, we had a Top 10 hit at rock radio and we had a great, great time doing it. But for whatever reasons, the people didn’t go out and buy the record so, you know, the label wasn’t like, ‘You guys got to get back to the studio and make another record!’ So it’s still out there, and if everybody goes out and buys that record, we’ll make another one.”

Larkin told Naples News that “Fall Of Rome” is “a heavy, charged track about the recent overthrowing of lame leaders and governments by the ones with the real power: the people. Egypt, Tunisia and now Libya are repeating history before the eyes of the world stage, and this song is like an oppressed person talking directly to an unjust dictator saying enough!”

The drummer added, “If the song does well enough at radio, we will tour in the fall and make a new record as well.”

GODSMACK ended a three-year hiatus last year with the release of its fifth studio effort, “The Oracle”.

GODSMACK frontman Sully Erna issued his first solo album, “Avalon”, last September and toured behind it this past May and June.

GODSMACK wrapped up the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival tour this past weekend and will continue to tour on its own throughout the rest of the summer.