ANTHRAX Bassist Schedules Australian Clinic

While on tour with ANTHRAX, bassist Frank Bello will appear at an exclusive Hartke clinic, co-sponsored by international Hartke distributor Electric Factory, as well as the ESP guitar company and international ESP distributor CMI Music Audio, at Guitar Factory in Parramatta, Australia. Frank will demonstrate why he uses Hartke and ESP gear live and in the studio, as well as hold a meet-and-greet/signing with audience members at the following location:

Tuesday, February 26
7:00 p.m.
Guitar Factory
255 Church Street
Parramatta, NSW 2150
(02) 9635 5552

In a recent interview with Full Metal Jackie‘s nationally syndicated radio show, Bello said about ANTHRAX‘s comeback 2011 album, “Worship Music”, “After eight years, first off, it was hard enough to get the record out, just because getting management, lawyers out of the way all that garbage that gets in the way of music and personalities. We knew what we wanted ANTHRAX to be again — the real deal. ‘Worship Music’, we knew we had something special. We got Joey [Belladonna, vocals] in on it, and that was the cherry on top of it all. We’re fans of this music, so we knew we had something good. Thankfully, the people, the fan base, has taken on this record — this is our biggest-selling record in a long time. It’s just done really well, thank God, and thank the fans out there [for their] great support. That’s why we’re still on tour. In three weeks, we leave for a MOTÖRHEAD tour — pretty much all sold out in Europe, which is crazy. Think about it, 30 years in, Jackie, who would have thought we’re still around — ANTHRAX, MOTÖRHEAD in Europe, selling out places. We’re very lucky, we’re humbled. It’s a really nice thing that’s going on and we couldn’t be happier; we’re stoked.

Asked what has been the best thing about being in ANTHRAX in 2012, Bello said, “Well, right now it’s nice to be back, and being accepted by not only our audience but there’s a new audience out there: 15-, 16-year-old kids. I got 15-year-old kids coming up to me saying, ‘You’re an influence.’ You don’t realize how good that feels — it’s something I’ve done right in my life and I’m very proud of it. It that kid could pick up a bass and feel the way I feel about it and make his day be a little bit better, that’s what it’s all about. It’s like passing the torch a little bit. We’ve been lucky, we’ve had a great time, if I could make somebody feel as good as the bass and music has made me feel, that’s what it’s all about at this point.”