ANTHRAX Drummer To Launch New Signature Coffee Blend

Benante’s Premium Coffee is a bold statement from a rock music legend, drummer Charlie Benante of the thrash metal band ANTHRAX.

As the creative force behind ANTHRAX since day one, Charlie Benante is behind much of what you hear, see and feel when it comes to their legendary music.

When it comes to taste of the palatable kind, Benante‘s opinion as a Bronx-bred Italian is held in the highest regard.

A coffee fanatic practically since birth, Benante not only sports a badass Starbucks tattoo, he now creates his own bean blends and signature roasts under his own brand of java greatness — Benante’s.

Sign up now and you will receive a flavorful deal on the first round of beans when the Benante’s site launches later this summer.

When asked in an October 2011 interview how he developed such a taste for coffee, Benante said, “Since I was a little kid, I was drinking coffee. My mom said that [laughs] she used to put decaf coffee in my bottles with a bunch of milk, because I used to always drink their coffee at the table! And that was it! I’ve always loved coffee. So when the Starbucks explosion happened, I was like, ‘Yeah!’ The thing that I love about Starbucks is that, when I travel abroad, I can get exactly what I want. It’s familiar, and I can sit there and be likem, ‘OK, I’m cool.'”

Benante in 2008 launched his own line of coffee and coffee products via Legends Cup Coffee, which was reportedly owned by MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine‘s wife Pam. At the time, he stated about the venture, “You all know me, you know how I earn a living. When I’m not bashing on my drums to the sounds of ANTHRAX, I like to enjoy a good cup of coffee. I will drink it hot, iced, frapped and intravenously. I’ve been all around the world, tried many different blends and I have come up with some combinations that kick ass. If you are a coffee drinker, I think you’re going to love it. My coffee is a blend of Central American, African and Asian coffees roasted to a dark color. The aroma is very rich and the cup bold and complex.”


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