ANTHRAX Drummer ‘Would Hate’ To Play Entire ‘State of Euphoria’ Album

Billy Gamble of recently conducted an interview with ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Why did ANTHRAX decide to cover “Among The Living” live [on the “Metal Alliance” tour] instead of “Persistence Of Time”?

Benante: I don’t know. That’s a good question to ask; maybe we’re saving that for another time. This was the one that came up, that people asked about, so that’s why I guess we’re doing it. Maybe we’re testing it to see how well it does and then maybe we can open up the other records, which of course, “State of Euphoria” being my least favorite, I would hate to do it. How has it been touring without former guitar player Rob Caggiano and touring with SHADOWS FALL‘s Jon Donais?

Benante: The thing about those of those guys is that they’re very quiet. Jon is very quiet. If you’re sitting in a room with Jon, he’s there playing his guitar [and] doesn’t say much, like Rob. Both good guys and both really good guitar players. Whose decision was it to cover the RUSH and JOURNEY songs on the new EP, “Anthems”?

Benante: It was kind of a collective effort. I know Joey [Belladonna, vocals] totally entertained the idea of doing a JOURNEY song and one of my favorite songs off “Escape” is “Keep On Runnin'”. It’s just a great song. It’s probably the last record that JOURNEY did before getting into the poppy radio stuff. You know what I mean? There were still some really good songs on that record that weren’t radio friendly, but I think we all agreed that “Keep On Runnin'” was a good one to do. I’ve heard that you’re a big horror movie fan. What was the last great horror movie you saw?

Benante: I saw this movie a couple months back, I think it was called “Sinister”, and I think it had Ethan Hawke. It wasn’t that bad, actually. That was the last thing that I saw that I liked; it was good. I’m really looking forward to this “Evil Dead” thing that’s coming out. I’m hearing some good things. They’re saying it’s not a remake, but a lot of the parts look like it’s being remade.
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