ANTHRAX Guitarist Cleans Out 3 Decades of Heavy Metal Relics For ‘Rock Gods’ Auction

With over 30 years in the business, it’s no wonder legendary ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian is looking to shed some of the multitudes of items he’s collected and stored over the years! There’s only so much storage space a man can have.

So when the time came to part with some of his collection, Backstage Auctions were more than happy to meet up with Scott and sift through over three decades worth of unimaginable ANTHRAX goodies — from vintage passes, tour itineraries, posters and clothing to notable guitars, amps and pedals — hands down, some of the coolest, rarest and most personal stuff Backstage Auctions has ever come across in a long time!

Available items:

* 1987 famous yellow “Not” shorts
* Famous Adidas 1980s high top shoes
* 2011 New York stage worn shirt
* Scott Ian-owned and -signed Washburn Murder Weapon V guitar
* Scott Ian-owned and signed Snakeprint signature guitar
* Scott Ian tour used and signed Randall speaker cabinet
* Scott Ian tour used and signed Randall v2 amplifier
* Scott Ian-owned and -signed Black 13 distortion (used)
* Scott Ian-owned and signed Dimebag Cry Baby From Hell wah pedal
* 1989 “SATAN’S LOUNGE BAND” rare concert t-shirt
* 1986 personal European tour itinerary
* 1992 “Married With Children” signed script
* 1986-1989 vintage laminated tour passes
* S.O.D. 1985 Scott Ian-owned and worn “Speak English Or Die” t-shirt

Check out all the items here.