ANTHRAX: New Audio Interview With Guitarist ROB CAGGIANO

On March 21, 2011, Jason Saulnier of the web site conducted an interview with ANTHRAX guitarist Rob Caggiano. You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below.

In a recent interview with, ANTHRAX drummer Charlie Benante stated about the progress of the recording sessions for the band’s new album, “Musically, a lot of the songs are the same [as the ones that were recorded for the unreleased ‘Worship Music’ album, featuring singer Dan Nelson], because a lot of the music was written prior to that. And then Scott [Ian, ANTHRAX‘s guitarist] changed a lot of the lyrics now. I rewrote three or four songs, and just finished doing the last drum track to the last song like about a week ago. We went back in and re-recorded some of those songs, too. Because I play them now with a different energy, there’s a different vibe to the songs. I just felt like I wanted to go in and with this new energy, bring it to the record.”

In a recent interview with, ANTHRAX singer Joey Belladonna was asked if working on the band’s new songs was a challenge because of the fact that most of the material was written for previous vocalist, Dan Nelson. “I kind of hate that someone was already singing this stuff and now I have to kind of dance around it and do it all over,” he said. “They (ANTHRAX) have in their mind already how they want it to sound, so it’s kind of hard to shake it away. They are not going to say to me, ‘Go on and do something totally different and we will just dig it.’ [Laughs] It’s hard, but I’m not worried about it.”

Regarding Belladonna‘s vocal performance on last fall’s Jägermeister Music Tour with SLAYER and MEGADETH, ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian told the Artisan News Service, “Joey‘s singing now better on this tour, I would say… He sounds like he did when he joined this band, on the ‘Spreading The Disease’ record; he sounds like a kid singing. I mean, there’s not many dudes that could sing in the register that he’s singing. At the age we are — not to give anything away here — but none of us are 21 years old anymore. And he’s hitting some notes, man, that I’m, like, ‘Holy cow! How does he do this?’ It blows me away every night.”