ANTHRAX Singer Tackled By Security During L.A. Concert; Video Available

Vocalist Joey Belladonna of ANTHRAX was tackled by a security guard last night (Saturday, October 22) during the band’s concert at Club Nokia in Los Angeles. The incident occurred when a fan found his way onstage while ANTHRAX was performing the song “Metal Thrashing Mad”. After jumping around excitedly for a couple of seconds, the fan was grabbed by his arm by Joey who attempted to lead him offstage. The guard, who was apparently unaware that Belladonna was positioned right behind the fan, ran headfirst into the two of them, in the process taking both the singer and and the fan down. ANTHRAX bassist Frank Bello, who was standing closest to the part of the stage where all the commotion was taking place, was visibly upset and attempted to physically confront the guard, only to be restrained by some of the other security and stage personnel working the show.

“It’s pretty smart to tackle the singer,” ANTHRAX guitarist Scott Ian said onstage. “Fucking geniuses they are working here, huh? I guess they haven’t seen him up here on stage for the last 90 minutes. He’s in the band!”

Added Belladonna, “Thank you very much — sorry about that.” He continued, “I’m going to have a sore ass tomorrow, I know that!”

After Joey reassurred his bandmates that he was well enough to continue the concert, ANTHRAX kicked into “Refuse/Resist” by SEPULTURA, followed by the last song of the band’s set, “I Am The Law”.

Ian tweeted about the episode afterwards, writing, “Joey is banged up but OK. You’d think security would know he’s in the band. He’d only been on stage for 90 minutes.”

Fan-filmed video footage of the entire incident can be seen below (starting at around the 1:37 mark).