ANTIGAMA: Studio Footage Posted Online

Revolutionary grindcore squad ANTIGAMA has issued a studio report on the ongoing recording process for two upcoming releases for Selfmadegod Records, including the “Stop The Chaos” mini-CD, the first of this duo scheduled to hit. The recording process of “Stop The Chaos” is now fully complete, the mastering and mixing duties completed by longtime band friend and producer Szymon Czech (NYIA, THIRD DEGREE), and the mini-CD slated for release this May.

The new trailer, which can be seen below, documents recording sessions at Progresja Studios, based in ANTIGAMA‘s hometown of Warsaw, Poland, the footage edited by Hero Team.

ANTIGAMA is in the process of confirming a record-release show at Warsaw’s Progresja music club with some special guests and friends. More details will be announced very soon.

Following its latest two full-length releases via Relapse, ANTIGAMA has returned to the roster of their longtime friends at Poland’s Selfmadegod Records. The band is in the process of recording several brand new tracks for a three-way split with NOISEAR (USA, Relapse) and THE KILL (Australia), as well as the “Stop The Chaos” mini-CD. A new full-length is to be recorded later in the year as well, also for Selfmadegod.

ANTIGAMA has gone through several lineup changes over recent years. Founding guitarist Sebastian Rokicki remains, as always, joined once again by the band’s original vocalist Lukasz Myszkowski. The lineup also includes new bassist Michal Zawadzki as well as new drummer Pawel Jaroszewicz (LOST SOUL, CHRIST AGONY, ex-VADER).


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