ARCH ENEMY Frontwoman To Discuss Growling Technique On Swedish TV

Vocalist Angela Gossow of Swedish/German extreme metallers ARCH ENEMY was recently interviewed about “growling” techniques and her early influences by the Swedish national television channel SVT2 for a program about the human voice. The episode also features an interview with Diamanda Galás, an American avant-garde composer, vocalist, pianist, organist, performance artist and painter.

The “Kobra” episode will air on SVT2 on Tuesday, November 15 at 9:30 p.m. The episode will also be available streaming at SVT Play (free live TV online) at

In a 2006 posting on her MySpace page, Gossow stated about her vocal technique, “My throat and jaw muscles get tight after the first couple of shows when I haven’t trained them enough in my time off. These exercises help: Stretching the upper pallet (sort of yawning to loosen things up) and depressing the tongue with a finger to massage tension out. Always stretch your neck muscles after a show (headbanging makes them pretty sore). My cords don’t hurt; I have no sore throat after a show, not even when we play 90 minutes. But my throat is very used to this ‘singing’ style. ARCH ENEMY play more than 200 shows a year.

“I started out screaming my lungs out when I was 16 years old. I didn’t know at all what I was doing; I was simply able to do ‘that sound.’ I damaged my voice back then, though.

“I have [20] years of practice. I got thick vocal cords and good control over my false cords. And I know all the necessary breathing techniques. I went to a vocal coach for about a year. I learned breathing techniques, warm-up, pronunciation and the right way to speak without putting any strain on the cords. I also had singing lessons for about 6 months to learn training my voice in a different way and applying all the techniques to singing.

“Breath support is the most important factor in growling. All the power has to come from the abdomen and the ribcage — no strained throat or chest breathing. Just like in ‘normal’ singing.”

ARCH ENEMY‘s December 13 show in Cologne will be filmed for a future DVD release. ARCH ENEMY will be supported by Century Media labelmates WARBRINGER and Taiwan’s premiere metal act CHTHONIC.

Commented ARCH ENEMY singer Angela Gossow: “2011 is my 10-year anniversary with ARCH ENEMY. I want to celebrate this with a very special event — we will film my hometown show in Cologne, Essigfabrik, Germany 13 December 2011 for our upcoming ‘World Khaos Tour’ DVD release! We aim to capture the live insanity of my fellow German metalheads as intensely as possible with cameras in the middle of the moshpit, in the front row, over, under, left, right and center. We want your blood, your sweat, your passion and get every last drop of it on celluloid! The awesome Filmefahrer Pictures team will make this an unforgettable shooting — so be there and become immortalized!!!”

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