ARCH ENEMY Teams Up With AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL For ‘Khaos Over Europe’ Tour

Swedish/German extreme metallers ARCH ENEMY have teamed up with the non-governmental human-rights organization Amnesty International for their upcoming “Khaos Over Europe” tour. The tour will kick off in Sweden on November 8 and brings the band back to the European clubs after playing many high-profile festivals this summer as well as completing an extensive North American tour and taking part in a blistering show at the Loud Park festival in Japan. Following up on the successful collaboration on the band’s recent North American tour, both parties are looking forward to spread the word about Amnesty International‘s campaign “Expression Of Freedom.”

Amnesty International will be attending selected shows during the tour and will offer additional information for interested fans at the venues.

Commented ARCH ENEMY frontwoman Angela Gossow: “We have Amnesty International with us again on the European leg of our ‘World Khaos’ tour to support their ‘Expression Of Freedom’ campaign and raise awareness.

“Many people sacrifice their lives to fight against terror, crime and oppression. They are being brutally murdered or imprisoned for simply communicating the truth. In honor of their outstanding courage and to bring justice to them (and the generations to come), it is important to support the cause and keep fighting for freedom! Each one of us can do something: Spread the word amongst your social network (sites), sign petitions, donate money, join peaceful demonstrations — pick your activism of choice! End repression. Allow expression!”

Jo Metcalf, head of Art For Amnesty, said, “We’re thrilled that ARCH ENEMY are supporting our work on freedom of expression. We’re lucky to have the support of musicians and other artists who fully appreciate the value of being able to express their creativity without fear of arrest or worse. In some parts of the world, pursuing a creative goal — or just speaking freely — can lead to harassment, loss of freedom and even torture. I hope that everyone who comes to an ARCH ENEMY gig — not least to witness ARCH ENEMY‘s amazing show — gets involved in supporting Amnesty‘s work in this area.”

Amnesty International has more than three million supporters, members and activists in over 150 countries whose main goal is to campaign for internationally recognized human rights to be respected and protected. Make sure to also visit your local Amnesty International sites to learn more about their fantastic work to protect human rights:


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