ARCH ENEMY’s MICHEL AMOTT To be Featured In ‘Eternal Descent’ Comic

Guitarist Michael Amott of Swedish/German extreme metallers ARCH ENEMY will be featured in an upcoming issue of the Eternal Descentcomic. The issue will be available for pre-order from April 2012.

Llexi Leon, creator of the multimedia concept Eternal Descent, recruits ESP artists for cameo appearances in the Eternal Descent comic, which is inspired by a host of iconic metal musicians. The initial launch issue was released on March 31, 2010 with subsequent issues released every few months, spotlighting GOD FORBID guitarist Doc Coyle in issue 2, Gus G. of FIREWIND and OZZY OSBOURNE in issue 3, Wayne Static of STATIC-X in issue 4 and Dan Jacobs and Travis Miguel of ATREYU in issue 5.

In a recent interview with Molten magazine, Amott stated about his collaboration with Eternal Descent, “I never thought I’d get to do it [but] I’m excited!” Regarding what fans can expect from his character, Michael said, “[Eternal Descent] sent me a list of questions and asked whether [I] wanted to be the bad guy or the good guy and I said the bad guy, of course!”

The front cover of Molten magazine, which features an exclusive image preview of the upcoming ARCH ENEMY-insired issue of Eternal Descent, can be seen below.