ARMORED SAINT performed a number of cover songs with a variety of guest musicians — including AMON AMARTH‘s Johan Hegg and FATES WARNING/REDEMPTION‘s Ray Alder — at Metal Blade Records‘s 30-anniversary show, which took place this past Friday, November 30 at the House Of Blues in West Hollywood, California. The concert, which was hosted by “That Metal Show”‘s Eddie Trunk and Don Jamieson, also included a short set by Arizona thrash metal veterans SACRED REICH in between GYPSYHAWK and ARMORED SAINT.

Added SACRED REICH vocalist/bassist Phil Rind: “Metal Blade were the first to offer us an opportunity on ‘Metal Massacre 8’, which led to a record deal and the release of ‘Ignorance’ and ‘Surf Nicaragua’. Three of the best records ever — SLAYER‘s ‘Hell Awaits’, D.R.I.‘s ‘Dealing With It’ and C.O.C.‘s ‘Animosity’ — were all on Metal Blade. [Label honcho] Brian Slagel was and still is a huge fan and advocate for metal!”

In a 2007 interview, Slagel estimated that Metal Blade has released around 2,000 records. In addition to the “Metal Massacre” compilation he put together in 1982 while running the New Heavy Metal Revue fanzine — a local-band compilation that included METALLICA‘s first recorded release, BLACK N BLUE, MALICE, CIRITH UNGOL, DEMON FLIGHT, BITCH, AVATAR, and PANDEMONIUMSlagel‘s fledgling record imprint released the early music by SLAYER and CORROSION OF CONFORMITY.

“It’s been great to have worked with great bands at the beginnings of their careers and to help them develop those careers,” Slagel said.

It was Slagel‘s enthusiasm for heavy metal as a fan that encouraged its humble beginnings and it is with that very same passion that Slagel has led Metal Blade Records to the forefront of the genre.

Metal Blade Records boasts one of the most comprehensive heavy metal catalogs in the world, including seminal releases by SLAYER, CANNIBAL CORPSE, GWAR, KING DIAMOND, SIX FEET UNDER, FATES WARNING, ARMORED SAINT, MERCYFUL FATE and many more.







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