Arrayan Path Streaming New Album “Ira Imperium” Sample

Arrayan Path (formerly known as Arryan Path) has issued the following update about streaming a sample online from the band’s upcoming album:

“This is a small sample from the upcoming album ‘Ira Imperium’. These are rough exports, this is not mixed! Mixing begins end of the month but we’ll release a song for free download somewhere in august. Hope you’ll enjoy!!”

You can check out the sample by heading over to the Arrayan Path MySpace page. A recent edition of’s “Pit Stories” column also featured Arrayan Path, which can be found here. The “Ira Imperium” track listing and cover artwork can be viewed below.

1. Dies irae
2. Gnosis of prometheus
3. Ira imperium (the damned)-feat.Tony martin
4. Kiss of kali
5. Katherine of aragon-feat.Natalie kyprianou
6. 77 days ’till doomsday
7. Emir of the faithful
8. Hollow eyes of nefertiti-feat.Vagelis maranis
9. Amenophis
10. Lost ithaca
11. I sail across the seven seas
12. The fall of mardonius
13. The poet aftermath